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Freedom Tax & Wealth Management


“Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them your confidence.” - George Washington

At Freedom Tax & Wealth Management we pride ourselves in helping our clients figure out the complex finances of their lives. Our advisors are trained to understand the intertwinings of all the finances of life. For over 40 years we have helped thousands of individuals with their income tax and financial planning* needs and hundreds of local small businesses with accounting and reporting requirements. We have a great deal of experience and knowledge. We have made it this far because we care deeply about our people.

We would be honored to help you. Regardless of your financial need, be it tax, financial or business services, we will work to find solutions best suited to your unique situation. We will be honest with you, even if you may not like what you hear. We will explain our recommendations in a clear, concise and simple way so that you will understand and be comfortable with your financial plan*.

Most of all, we will listen to you.

Life is full of choices and grows in complexity every day. The world has become so specialized that we are forced to rely on experts to do what used to be simple tasks. Preparing your tax return is a perfect example. But tax preparation is only a small part of the finances of your life. So many other complex financial choices must be made. Should you buy or lease your car? Does it make more sense to buy term or whole life insurance? Is it time to refinance your mortgage? How will you pay those college expenses? Do you need long term care insurance? Should you have a will or a living trust? When can you retire? What can you do to not outlive your money? Not only this, but every decision is interconnected with the other. How does a decision on one affect the other?

What we do at Freedom Tax & Wealth Management is to carefully analyze your situation, formulate a plan, and present it to you in an understandable, simplified way. We are completely independent, and unlike most banks, insurance firms or brokerage houses, do not simply sell product. We recommend solutions using one of many financial companies that will be best suited to you. So, if you have questions about any financial aspect of your life, give us a call. We can help.

This website is designed to give you a flavor of the extent of our knowledge and experience. It contains many financial planning* tools and charts for you to use. But just as owning a wrench does not make you a mechanic, having these tools does not give you the skills to solve your issues. You need a caring, qualified team.

We are that caring, qualified, tried team that will help you. You will find your confidence in us.

*These services are offered by Cheryl Seward through her affiliation with Avantax